What you Lose on the Swings you Find on the Roundabouts

The Top5! Highs and Lows 2013 One of the things that intrigues me most in the world is people. People are very interesting, and people’s motivations are what really fascinates me; Why is this person here? What is important to them? It’s quite amazing really that 2 people could be in the same place doing the same thing for ENTIRELY different reasons – I think I first learnt this from poker, and it definitely made a big difference to my approach to everything I do in my life. If you can figure out WHY someone is doing what they are doing, and WHAT they wanna achieve from doing it, well, that’s gotta be a big advantage right? With my dazzling new insight I started right at home, and looked at myself – So David, What are you doing? What are you Hoping to achieve? I answered my questions exactly as I expected myself to; “Well David,” I said, briefly wondering if i should be concerned about conducting a 2-way 3rd person conversation with myself – funny how you’re mind can wonder after 3/4 of a bottle of rum on a Tuesday afternoon – “I am trying to build a future … Continue reading