Win a Trip to Virgin Islands for #StreamBoat2017 w/ Perkins

Poker enthusiast Bill Perkins has a mantra for his new poker Twitch channel he does a very effective job of living by.

That mantra? #MakePokerFunAgain.

He puts it to good use regularly on his live streams, more often than not from his yacht off the coast of the Virgin Islands.

Now not only can you enjoy the spoils of those streams vicariously, you have a chance to join him and a few other poker celebs on the boat as part of #StreamBoat2017.

Seat Open on the Thirst Lounge Yacht

As we mentioned last week Perkins, Jeff Gross, Jamie Staples and Matt Staples will be streaming together from Perkins’ boat next month.


Flights included.

Dubbed #StreamBoat2017 the four popular streamers will be playing poker/partying/who knows what from the yacht and beyond March 22-28. 

And there’s a seat available to join them, too – all on Perkins’ dime.

All four are now running giveaways on their Twitch Channels for tickets to a private tournament on PokerStars on March 5.

In you make the final 6 in the Streamboat Tourney, you’re in the running to go to the Virgin Islands. Giving them some leeway to see who they’d most like to share on a week on a boat with, the Fantastic 4 will then pick one of the six to be their guest.

We’d guess your sense of humor or overall style of play will be a factor, but being “fun” will help your cause. As an added bonus there’s also $2,500 cash added to the freeroll.

Plan B – Make a Deposit

If you don’t get your ticket from following one of their live streams, you still have hope.


View from the flight deck.

Make a deposit on PokerStars using the code “Streamboat” and you’ll get a ticket to a March 4 freeroll.

In that freeroll another $2,500 in prizes are up for grabs and 20 seats will be distributed for the private Streamboat tourney the following day.

All the details can be found on Perkins’ Thirst Lounge Channel, Jeff Gross’ Flow Show and Staples’ PokerStaples stream as well.