WSOP schedule

The WSOP schedule got announced the other day and it seems to have been met with a lot of positivity. There are loads of cool events on it this year. Seems they are catering for a wider Bank roll, both high and low. The event that caught my eye is the inclusion of a $25k PLO High Roller event. Now I am not to sure yet how I am going to get into this event but I am going to give it as good a go as Charlie did to get his golden ticket to the Chocolate factory. The Conor McGregor fight has been pushed back nicely to the 11th of July which really couldn’t be any better timing for people planning to go to Vegas to play the Main event. The Main event starts the 5th so unless you go very deep at which point missing the fight/piss up will be the least of your worries/dreams. 10 of us rented a pretty cool villa for the week, really looking forward to it already.
Out in Dubai I signed up for one of these 5 km adventure races. It looks pretty crazy but these things are all the rage now so better do what the cool kids are doing.

Any one watching the Superbowl Sunday will have been glued to their seats till the early hours and it all came down to one play. It really reminded me of a Poker tournament. Hundreds of plays made but eventually it comes down to one which is probably pretty marginal either way. The victor will be crowned and called a genius with not a seconds thought given to any of the mistakes they made on the way to their success, the loser will have his flaws examined and exaggerated. This is a really good article I read about it.   While I think it has skewed a few % here and there to prove a point,it’s clear to see that all in all there really is nothing in it and giving these unique once off decisions are made in real time with a 20/40 seconds window you can’t really argue with .x% margin of error as it’s likely a few .x%’s is as much down to luck as anything. It’s very much like Poker you never encounter the exact same spot ever twice, similar spots but all ways with a wrinkle, within that wrinkle lies the unknown.