Your call: Karl Mahrenholz takes it to the river at GUKPT Reading’s Karl Mahrenholz tests out your poker skills with this tough hand from a recent major tournament. Can you work out the best move?

EVENT: £500+£50 GUKPT Reading
STACK: 40,000
BLINDS: 200/400/a50

The situation

This hand was one I played during Day 1B of GUKPT Reading. This is a well-structured event with one hour levels. Re-entries were still available for a few hours at this time and I had been at the table for two levels. The table was made up of mainly passive, less experienced players, with one strong player who had been taking advantage of the table since I sat down by playing lots of pots. My image at this point was active – I had been raising any unopened pots, although I hadn’t tangled with the stronger player yet. I hadn’t shown down any hands as most players were playing fit or fold poker.

In this hand I raised with K-T offsuit from mid-position to 850 from a stack of around 40,000. Action folded to the stronger player in the big blind who put in the extra 450 from a stack of 50,000. The flop came K-6-2 with two spades. He checked to me and I bet 1,350 into 2,150. He thought for a while before calling. The turn was an offsuit Nine and again he checked. I bet 3,900 into 4,850 and again he called. The river came an offsuit Ace and he thought for a little while before checking. What is my best play and why? If you decide to bet, how much and what would you do facing a raise?

Send your answer to us by email ( or via Twitter @PokerPlayer365. The first correct answer drawn at random will receive a pack of PokerPlayer playing cards. Closing date for entries is October 17. The solution (and the winner) will appear here on October 30.


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