Your call

Can you work out what to do in this hand from the recent Sky Poker UKPC? Let us know and win a pack of playing cards

The situation:  Are you hooked to the fishhooks?

  • GAME: £1,000 Sky Poker UK Poker Championships
  • STACK: 52,000
  • BLINDS: 400/800/a100

SITUATION: This hand comes from the recent Sky Poker UKPC, a fantastic event that was run full-ring instead of the six-max format last time.

We haven’t been able to get anything going all day, but we’re still sat with 52k from a starting stack of 40k when we get dealt Jacks in MP.

We raise to 2k and are three-bet from the button by a decent, but not particularly aggressive player, to 5k. We call and see the T♠-6♦-6♠ flop. We check-call a bet of 6,000 and the T♣ comes on the turn. The action slows and goes check- check. The 9♥ comes on the turn and we check again to be met with a bet of just over half pot to 13,000. What should we do and why?


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